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Secure your time with a Conversionista Expert. Book your 20 min time slot and be ready to fire away your questions. We're looking forward talking to you!

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Do you have a hypothesis but it seems complicated to test it? Maybe you know what to test but you’re not sure what metric you should use? You should have a chat with one of our experimentation specialists!

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Thinking of how to build a data-driven mindset and an experiment culture within your organisation? Don't know how to get that optimization wheel spinning? Talk to one of our experienced Growth Managers and get some concrete tips that will clear your head!

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Experience Design

Book a slot with an experience designer. We are experts on experiences and how to make a product both useful and valuable for users. You can ask us about such things as interaction design, user flows, behavioural design, visual design and more

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Are you making your decisions based on data? If not, why? 
The reasons can be many, everything from data collection and its quality, having the right processes or practical know-how on how to draw the right conclusions with the data that you have. Our analytics experts will try and help you solve all of these different issues.

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