CJAM sessions and talks

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Adjust to change

Conversionista's John, stuck Down Under, on how to adjust to change.

by John Ekman
Find your differentiation strategy in a sea of sameness

Expect assumptions to be challenged, rules to be broken and just pure entertainment - Peep style.

by Peep Laja
From start up to scale up

Moe leads the Analytics team at the Australian unicorn startup, Canva. We'll learn how to survive and thrive in this kind of environment.

by Moe Kiss
From a one-woman-show to a full CRO team

Marianne is this year's winner of the award CRO Practitioner of the year (in-house). If you want insights into building an experimental culture within the Nordic landscape - Join in! 

by Marianne Stjernvall
One neat trick to run better experiments

Lukas is at the top of experimentation at one of the most experimentation-driven companies on the planet, Booking.com.

by Lukas Vermeer
Creating experiences that people actually want to convert to

Talia is a true CRO McGyver, mastering data-driven analysis, emotional targeting and persuasion techniques.

by Talia Wolf
CJAM Battle: Qualitative vs. Quantitative 🥊

 Featuring Dana DiTomaso, Talia Wolf and John Ekman

How industry leaders drive growth with behavioral experimentation today

In this session, customer experience and experimentation pioneer Chris Goward will show you how to apply the latest proven experimentation ideas right now.

by Chris Goward
If data is the new oil - behaviour data is rocket fuel

Optimisation is really about changing the behaviour of your visitors and if you want to change behaviours you need to look at behaviour data.

by John Ekman

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